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  1. Obduction walkthrough: Hunrath 1. Starting out and getting the lights on. The Campground, Welcome to Hunrath, Farley's Community Center, Downtown Hunrath, The Generator . By Jeffrey Parkin Oct 11.
  2. All Walkthroughs. Welcome to the Obduction walkthrough. Like all walkthroughs, use it to help but take the time to explore yourself, you will discover much more on your journey than what is detailed here. Before we begin. This walkthrough doesn't have lots of images. Images can spoil the game as you get to see all the surprises too early. This.
  3. The Obduction guide offers a detailed walkthrough for the game in which all steps and solutions to riddles were described. It also tells about the basic gameplay mechanics and about earning achievements. 0. Post Comment. 19. 48. This unofficial guide to Obduction is a collection of important advice and hints helpful during the game. The most important point of the guide is the detailed.
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  5. Obduction - Full Game Walkthrough Playthrough Gameplay Part 1 and Ending (No Commentary Let's Play) (Steam Indie Adventure Exploration Puzzle Game 2016)This.

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Obduction walkthrough: Mofang 1: How to get to to Mofang. By Jeffrey Parkin Oct 13, 2016, 1:21pm EDT Share this story. Share this on Facebook ; Share this on Twitter; Share All sharing options. This page is part of the complete walkthrough for Obduction. Head out of this area through the metal door, and go back to the fuel depot. Now that you're there, look in the garage at the wall with the license plates. Look at the one with the state that was under the compass, and make a mental note. Mine said CLU-287, but this can vary as well. License plate cheat sheet: Head towards the. Obduction Walkthrough Gameplay Part 29 - Maze Puzzle Is Hard!This is a let's play of Obduction (walkthrough gameplay). The game is made by Cyan, the indie st.. Walkthrough Kaptar's power is supplied by a giant wind turbine high above where you arrived. From the Swap Machine that you used to disable the red beam, turn around and head back across the front. For Obduction on the PC, Guide and Walkthrough by Ghidrah. OBDUCTION Title: OBDUCTION Producer: Cyan Worlds Release Date: 8/2016 For: PC MSWord: Courier New Created: 7/2018 Revised: Version: 1.0 By: Ghidrah E Mail: Ghidrah1@hotmail.com _____ If anyone wishes to use this guide on their site, I'd like to know

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Obduction Game Guide is also available in our Mobile App. FREE IOS APP. Game Guides & Walkthroughs. Free Mobile App for you. for iPhone and iPad. Table of Contents. Obduction Guide. Game Guide. Walkthrough. Examine the area Turn the generator on Mofang beam and Farley's house Scrapyard and Mayor's House The lift and the tree Kaptar Kaptar ruins, shortcuts, and Farley's bedroom Maray Villeins. Examine the area | Walkthrough Obduction Guide. Examine the area | Walkthrough. You will start the game on an indefinite island. You must listen to the monologue and follow the only available path. You will pass by camping sites and you will try to reach the top of the hill. There you will encounter an unidentified ball of light and you will be. Maray | Walkthrough Obduction Guide. The teleport will lead you to the area, where the only path available takes to the door which you have opened with the small Villien panel. After getting through them, there will be a map on the right, as well as a screen, on which Farley will appear. The women will tell you to proceed the path and cross the.

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  1. This page is part of the complete walkthrough for Obduction.. Walkthrough []. Welcome to the brave new world! You'll notice this area is entirely different than our first. It is called Kaptar.If you remember, there were papers in Farley's Community Center describing the different species they had encountered and what worlds they lived in. . Go down the path, and cross over the first section of.
  2. Obduction. From the creators of the Myst games . 2017: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw. 2018: This English translation, screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot. Chapter 4: Kaptar part 1. Through the switch machine in Hunrath you have landed in Kaptar and probably this is on a different planet than where Hunrath is. You are also here at a switch machine. Turn around and continue to the.
  3. Obduction. 2017: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw. 2018: This English translation, screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot. Chapter 5: Maray part 1. You are back In Maray at the switch machine. Follow the only possible path. You arrive at the gate that you have previously opened with the small Villein machine, during your visit here from Kaptar . You walk through the gap and you can.
  4. All Walkthroughs | Obduction Walkthrough. How it works. The maze can be rotated using the two buttons on the overlook. You can also see four circular modules that look as if the can be rotated to align the paths. Take the elevator down to the lowest level. You will see a chamber with a swap machine suspended from the roof. Use the machine and swap to Hunrath. A fifth chamber has returned to.
  5. Obduction Gameplay Max Graphics Obduction Test Gameplay Intel HD Graphics 4000: https://youtu.be/Ef1pt2uxctI Mi PC: - Intel Core i7-5820K OC..
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